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How to ride a bus

Bus is very useful not only in Kyoto but also in many places in Japan. It is easy to use once you learn some important rules. The following is applicable anywhere in Japan.
1. Take an entrance in the middle of bus. Do not take a front entrance.
2. Take a voucher at the entrance. ( Voucher ) See below for the voucher. Some bus  have no voucher.
3. Push a red stop button after the last bus stop before getting off. (~0:45 in „Bus“ video)
4. Put the voucher and exact amount of coins in a machine next to a driver. (~1:10 in „Bus“ video)
(The machine can change 1000 yen bill and coins, but not 10000! Before taking a bus, make sure you have at least 1000 yen bill.)

On a voucher you see a number. Check the transport cost for your voucher number on the electric display at the front. (~1:00 in „Bus“ video) For buses with fixed fee, there is no voucher.

You can buy one-day bus ticket on Kyoto city bus (500 yen) or in the bus-info at Kyoto JR station. We also have some. Please ask us. Passes

Here is the useful route planner for busses. You can also download app. Route planner

Useful bus maps. Bus maps